Thursday, May 28, 2009

summer holidays

can you believe this was a pig shed? wouldn't you love to rest here for a week or two? well, you can. this is just one of the lovely rooms at french farmhouse holidays. i worked with marianne at riesco & lapres interior design. she is a very accomplished and talented woman. she and her friend caitlin have worked hard to make their dream come true and i really admire them for following their passion.

our summer vacation doesn't really start until august 1st when my husband finishes up the day camp he runs in july. our only firm plan for a getaway is a few days at harrison hot springs with our kids and their paternal grandparents. the rest of the time we will find our entertainment locally. vancouver has a ton of fun and economical things to do - weather permitting.
me, i will be working hard on some projects - knitting, gardening, sewing, and starting a couple of new businesses... but i plan to make time for plenty of beer drinking and bbq.

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  1. this is amazing. let's go and leave our children here with the men. sound good? i'll be able to save enough, hmmm, maybe by the time we're fifty. kay?