Tuesday, May 21, 2013

sad sad news

I had a fantastic sunday: ran my longest run since junior high; watched my daughter's swim practice; went for coffee and croissant with a friend; and spent a sunny afternoon planting seeds and gardening. and the entire day i kept telling myself how truly content i am at this point in my life - our family is enjoying a full life.

and then... sat down with a cup of tea to catch up on reading some of the blogs i follow, and learned of the tragic death of Kathreen Ricketson and her partner Rob Shugg. so terribly sad and a huge loss for their children, family, and friends. Kathreen and the Whip Up blog were such a great inspiration and resource back when i was home with a new baby and just getting back into sewing and knitting. and even though i never met her, she felt like a friend.

i felt the need to do some small thing for Kathreen and Rob's children and you can too. the link is found here. now go hug your kids.