Monday, March 21, 2011

lady date

my best girl and i haven't had a lot of time together these days. she has been very ill for the last few weeks. but spring break has started and we are healthy and having fun. we made sweet sushi the other day. a little messy but oh so good.

Sweet sushi recipe

- 1" slices of poundcake, cut into 1 1/2" rounds with a cookie cutter
- white icing
- sweetened coconut
- fruit leather (the thinner the better)
- assorted candy: swedish fish, jellies etc.

Ice the tops of the cake rounds and wrap fruit leather around the outside using a dab of icing to hold it in place. (we used real fruit leather and it was so thick that we had to use toothpicks).
Top with coconut. place a "fish" or cut up candy on top. Enjoy.

best girl and i finally had our lady date on saturday - and she entirely decided what we would do. we took the skytrain to the vancouver art gallery and saw the ken lum exhibition - fantastic.

ken lum
 and the WE: Vancouver Manifesto which included the work of Natalie Purschwitz who made all her clothes for a year. even shoes!

once we saw everything (and I mean everything) at the VAG we went for sushi on robson street, then some shopping at h&m, holt renfrew, and sephora. so all in all, a great time. a very girly time. i wondered what would inspire her - the next day she made a maze for her little brother's cars out of all manner of found objects, organized some of her clothes into 'outfits', and helped her dad make dinner. so she must have been inspired and really, what could be better than that?

Friday, March 11, 2011


some treasures from japan
what terrible news from Japan today. i am really thinking about everyone there and their friends and family. my husband's aunt is from Sendai and i'm sure that she is very worried about her family there. and this just weeks after the Christchurch quake. a former colleague from my teaching days in japan was escorting a group of 22 japanese students - he is safe but half of their group was not found alive - so sad and shocking.

i was living in japan when the kobe earthquake struck - there were friends we never heard from again. but japanese people are nothing if not cooperative and resourceful. they will work together to rescue each other and rebuild their communities. our family will be doing what it can by contributing to the Red Cross.