Monday, December 27, 2010

year of the rabbit

from: dosankodebbie
2011 will be the year of the rabbit. i lived in japan from 1989 until 1996 and the way that new year's is celebrated is something i really miss here in canada. it really is the equivalent to our hannukah or christmas or solstice (depending on what one celebrates). everyone sends out a ton of nengajo - new year's post cards - to friends and family. isn't this bunny post card cute?

everyone cleans their house in order to not bring old dirt into the new year. and i mean clean - like wash the curtains clean. so there will be some cleaning and organizing between now and december 31st. and on the first day of 2011 maybe some eating of soba noodles and mochi and sushi. definitely some sake drinking and relaxing with family.

2010 was pretty good to my family and i have lots of plans for 2011. happy new year and all the best in 2011.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

happy holidays

we are looking forward to celebrating christmas - the baking and making is done, the shopping and wrapping is done, the cleaning and packing are done. now to relax, eat some great meals and spend time with family. and i am really going to enjoy the last days of 2010. and looking forward to a fantastic 2011.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

making for me

from burda magazine sept 2010
i finished this very parka for myself just in time to wear it through the deluge today. vancouver winter weather demands a good long parka with a generous hood and deep pockets. i just couldn't shell out $400 or more so i was thrilled when i found this pattern. i bought all the fabric and notions at dressew for $45. not too shabby.
from burda magazine sept. 2010
 and yes, it is totally waterproof. i love everything i've made from every issue. it takes a little sewing experience and some patience to trace the patterns and follow the written instructions (few diagrams). but there are more than twenty patterns in each issue and a ton of craft ideas. i love that the local european delicatessen calls me when each new burda magazine comes in and they put it aside for me. they also make the most incredible handmade perogies.

Michael Kors
 now to get the new boots winterized and waterproofed. (i did save money making my own coat after all!)

i will now commence with christmas craziness. i'm so relaxed these days that i don't even know to panic yet. uh oh!