Monday, August 5, 2013

summer school

Living Room Perspective
Vancouver has been enjoying the best summer in years. the summer that I chose to go back to school!
i'm currently upgrading my 'senior certificate' in interior design to a diploma at BCIT. i have seven courses to finish before January 2015 to be eligible to write the special exams to become a 'Registered Interior Designer'. (as well as completing thousands of hours of work!).

above is the product of what I've been learning in Computer Technology for Interior Design. the course has covered using SketchUp to draw a small house in 3D and then rendering it in Photoshop. i'm really enjoying the course and have bought a Wacom drawing tablet to draw & colour on the computer.

the other course has been much more challenging. i had expected that Business Communications would be a fairly easy course. after all, i've been writing memos, emails, and letters for a very long time. and i read a lot. well, it's one thing to read and entirely another to write in a hot classroom. it's been a very useful course even if just to teach me how to manage my anxiety.... like anything, it gets easier with practice.

the two courses i will start in september are Joinery for Interior Design and Autodesk Revit. I'm excited to make some simple furniture and reacquaint myself with AutoCAD. And not write reports. Or speak in front of people.