Friday, August 28, 2009


these are some quick projects i managed to accomplish when i got some uninterrupted making time yesterday afternoon. the fabric box on the right is from weekend sewing and was very straight forward to make - but i used what i had and that didn't include heavy interfacing... next time. on the left is a cover for a small jam jar. we never seem to have small vases for our wildflowers and i thought this might 'pretty up' a simple jar to use as a pencil holder or a vase. easy and quick.
my mom was kind enough to give me our family teak dining table and chairs circa 1971. she thinks i'm storing it for her but possession is 9/10ths of the law, right? the original tweedy red chair upholstery is in poor condition and until my kids stop being so messy i am not recovering the chairs. the plan is to make removable quilted seat pads that can be washed as needed. with an hour left before picking up the little guy from daycare i pieced together the top for my daughter's chair. the photo doesn't show the colours very well...

back to the books

i have been devouring books all summer long. while almost all have been educational, not one was about parenting. the latest two books are family oriented in the best ways. i really enjoyed amanda's first book, the creative family and was eagerly awaiting handmade home. great projects - the girl has been busy letting me know what i should make and with what fabrics.
the river cottage family cookbook has been great. it certainly encourages families to cook together and to eat local produce and meat. we're looking forward to trying to make some yogurt and cream cheese. my husband thinks the sausage making is worth a go too. we are planning to eat more meatless meals this year so i needed to find a little more inspiration and there is no lack in this cookbook.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

vacation or holiday ?

what is the difference between a holiday and a vacation? and does it really matter? we just got back from four days at harrison hot springs and three days at whistler. very, very restful. i am so well rested that one might call it lazy. like too lazy to upload these photos in the order they should be...

we stayed in that charming little bungalow, aptly named the, wait for it...bungalow motel. there are about 10 bungalows of various sizes and i think they date from the 30's or 40's. some of them have original hardwood floors and are incredibly charming. others have some original features mixed in with renovations more recently (the 80's) made. the owner or manager was very kind and helpful and the cabins were very clean. there is a pool and a bbq and the complex is mere steps away from the public beach in the second photo. we had some serious sun and some serious rain. lots of napping and reading and visiting with my in-laws.

whistler was also great. we ate, walked, and watched a lot of tv. i took the boys up to the village to get groceries on saturday and could not have picked a worse day. the big crankworx competition was on and there were some serious parking issues. too many big vehicles and not enough spots. i have no idea what is planned for the olympics but you couldn't pay me to try and negotiate crowds - in the cold, no less. but it was lovely there and i can see why it will be a wonderful place for the olympics. we went to a couple of little lakes and just relaxed.

and tried not to think that there are only two more weeks of summer vacation or summer holiday, regardless of what you call it.