Friday, October 15, 2010


available through Chronicle Books
my husband has taken the kids away for the weekend. i had some time today to prepare. which would normally mean: buy wine, magazines, and snacks and also to clean and tidy the house so that i could enjoy it all to myself in a pristine state. i only managed to get to the book store but they had the book i was hunting for - creative, inc. and i am enjoying it. the previous book, craft, inc. also has a lot of great advice.

my new computer is taking up a lot of my time. i love love love it. and i don't know quite how, but i managed to find all the data from our entire (and i mean entire) photo files and install it in the computer. i thought it was all lost forever. now to figure out how to get all the music from one computer to another without spending hours....

Monday, October 4, 2010


happy birthday super daddy. wikipedia has lots of interesting (very arithmatical and religiousy) things to say about the number. looking forward to 40 more years with you and our family.