Friday, September 30, 2011


my birthday was lovely. a transformer (to play with my little boy), an itunes card (to buy more disco music to educate my big boy with), and a book (to read with my girl). but the one thing i can't seem to put down is the kobo reader. when i ask "have you seen my books?" the family knows just what item i'm in search of. it's pretty fantastic to have a ton of books literally at my fingertips. the little pouch i made the next day so i can carry it with me always. i found the tutorial on sew mama sew.

Monday, September 26, 2011

stepping up

Carrie Gelson of Seymour Elementary, Vancouver, BC
(photo: Mark van Manen/PNG) Story by Janet Steffenhagen, Vancouver Sun
while getting my two smaller kids to their school today, i heard a story on CBC radio about an elementary school teacher who has written an open letter to the people of vancouver. grab some tissue and go read it, i'll wait.

when i moved to vancouver i was a single mom and it took my entire wages just to pay the rent but i had some savings and eventually i was able to find a job with an adequate salary and medical benefits. i had family and friends and a great daycare to help me with my son and still things could be very challenging. i try to imagine what it would be like not to have a job, a warm and safe home, weather appropriate clothing, and healthy food and it makes my heart ache. how would it feel to be a child and not have enough to eat or proper clothing? in vancouver? in canada?

when i got home my oldest son and i gathered up all the extra boots, mittens, gloves, and hats we had around the house. we packed them up and went to the nearest dollar store to buy more gloves and new socks and delivered it all to seymour elementary school.

i'm sure that there are many schools in vancouver and indeed, in any other city, which could use help to make sure that kids are fed and properly clothed. my family is going to do what we can. we are going to step up.

Friday, September 23, 2011

busy busy

from: momAgenda
it's was a busy summer. and fall is shaping up to be full as well. but happily so. september feels like a fresh start when you live with a teacher and kids. my resolution is to be better organized and to that end i got myself a momAgenda. it helps me keep track of everything, including meal planning, kid's activities, birthdays, etc. the entire family (except for the pre-schooler) is using a planner or agenda of some sort and it has been great for all of us.

my oldest has started his last year of school and my youngest has started his first year. my best girl is loving grade two. so still another fifteen years of lunches and driving....but i am enjoying the mornings alone. there is a master list of organizing/cleaning/maintenance in my agenda and i am striking things off task by task. very satisfying. i am excited about reaquainting myself with my sewing machines/knittiing needles/etsy/blogging.