Thursday, May 21, 2009

one of my top three handmades

this little person looks awfully suspicious. is he just gauging how much he can potentially get away with? or is he thinking: YOU are my mom? for reals? you can barely handle the other two and where will i sleep in that tiny house? you realize you will be driving a minivan forever right? are you sure about this?

making this guy was certainly one of the best things we've ever done.
mr. handsomey turns two tomorrow. despite his best efforts to do damage to himself every day, he is still very much alive. he is the most energetic of our three kids. he can scream louder than anyone and has quite a throw. he climbs onto everything and wants nothing more than to run into traffic. he is wearing me out. that being said, he is so sweet and loving. he adores his brother and sister (and they him) and absolutely worships his dad. he loves cars and balls and eats anything (including things he shouldn't - enough with the pennies little dude). i can't wait for him to talk - his vocabulary is limited to: Daddy, Mommy, Blue, ball, bubble, bottle, bath, poo poo, and doot doot (for any vehicle). so yeah, he can get pretty frustrated. but he is my baby, the last i'll ever have, and time seems to be quickly passing. on the other hand, i can't wait to be finished with diapers.
Happy Birthday Webber Luke! we love you.

super masculine boy dolly made with wee wonderfuls
archie pattern - go get one

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  1. love it!! can't believe that big guy was just a sprout at our wedding. love the doll, i've been wanting to pick up the 'olive' doll pattern for d. must do.