Wednesday, May 20, 2009

garden plan 2009

big plans for the garden this year. i've sifted the soil and sprayed the chickweed with enviro-friendly weed killer. added compost and more topsoil. made a paver brick border and added a little brick patio. built a bamboo lattice on the south facing side of the tool shed (yed it is still hideous). bought more planters and pots and put in the tomato and bell pepper seedlings. planted herbs and veggies and flowers. if this house wasn't a rental i would have the front yard planted with berries and raised beds for more veggies.
i've just read In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan. he really makes a strong argument for being concious of where your food comes from. i would love to keep a couple of laying hens but i think my toddler would terrorize them. we can't afford to buy everything organic (milk at $10 for 4 litres - ouch!) but we do go to the farmer's markets, buy organic eggs, make our own bread and our meals are made from scratch. we are trying to eat less meat and go to the butcher rather than the big supermarket. i can't wait to walk out the back door and pick our own vegetables. you can't eat much more local than that.

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