Thursday, July 30, 2009

harvest helper

we have been enjoying beans, peas, and even this gnarled tomato. the other night we had a roasted baby beet salad. new crops of onions, carrots, parsnips, spinach, and lettuce have been planted and are doing well. the herbs are all growing and being enjoyed. little man helped sort everything and when i turned my back for a second, he dumped the shucked peas on the grass. at least he helped pick them up - a real exercise in manual dexterity.
it is disgustingly hot - a record temperature of 33.8 celsius for Vancouver yesterday but i swear that was the temp in our house and the yard must have been 36. i took the kids to the nearest shopping mall to make use of the free air conditioning. little man is not coping well with the heat. i know this because he refused an ice cream cone. seriously, what two year old would pass on ice cream? today he has been lying in front of the fan dressed only in a diaper.
i am in the throes of summer house purge '09. we pulled everything out of the manshed/garage and put everything we couldn't donate in the alley with a big 'free' sign. the husband grumbled about how much we could have made by doing a garage sale but he still managed to buy himself a case of beer with all the empties he returned. took a few nice suits/shoes/bags to dress for success. a ton of kids stuff and toiletries went to crabtree corner. there are outgrown clothes put aside for smaller friends. i am getting it together, heat permitting.

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