Tuesday, July 21, 2009

ahoy maties and mermaids

just prior to the arrival of 18 kids we took a little lunch break. attractive, no? it's the only picture i have (argh!) of 'mermaid village'. one must look beyond the exhausted mother to the castle, pirate ship, and mermaid cave. i spent a few days with my box cutter, some very large and sturdy bbq boxes, and a lot of latex paint. the kids loved it. i may have handled the decorations but the kid wrangling/entertainment credit goes to the husband. he even went so far as to grow a pirate mustache.
that's my happy mermaid in the pink skull shirt sporting her pirate bandana, seaweed skirt, and carrying her loot bag. for the treasure hunt the dads spread gold coins and marbles all over the hillside and the kids had to collect them in their loot bags. two lovely teenagers presided over the goodie table - sticker packs, rubber balls, hair clips, bracelets etc. - for the price of 5 marbles or doubloons. it seems to be promoting consumerism but i'm going with building math skills and sheer entertainment. we followed with cake and a pinata ... and a big nap.

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  1. i know one little pirate who had a fantastic time. great mermaid caves, you're a woman of many talents.