Sunday, April 7, 2013

sketchbook project

last summer i started keeping a sketchbook and learning to draw. the two younger kids have embraced it too. we are all a little more creative with our spare time without cable tv.

for christmas a couple of years ago my mom gave me some art supplies, a sketchbook, and an illustrated life by danny gregory. it was so inspiring and led me some of his other books such as The Creative License, Everyday Matters, and An Illustrated Journey. and so i started just drawing without worrying about how badly i drew. i find it very relaxing to draw some ordinary object while watching movies on the computer.

my little guy (who is 5) draws a lot of robots and battle scenes and does so every day. but today he sat down and drew ordinary objects in our kitchen (see the lower right-hand picture). 1. Vitamix blender. 2. Ice cream maker. 3. Dehydrator. it was so gratifying to see him enjoying doing what i do. i couldn't be more proud of him.

just a small list of the drawing books i can recommend from personal experience (in addition to the links to the danny gregory books above):
  • Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, by Betty Edwards
  • Drawing with Children, by Mona Brookes
  • Artist's Journal Workshop, by Cathy Johnson
  • The Art of Urban Sketching, by Gabriel Campanario
  • The Complete Decorated Journal, by Gwen Diehn
anybody can learn to draw - it just takes doing it.

start where you are.
use what you have.
do what you can.
           - arthur ashe

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