Wednesday, August 1, 2012

summer reading

this post could also be called 'restrain oneself from kissing postal delivery person'. i was so thrilled to get the mail on monday - a gigantic box of books and even my favourite sewing magazine delivered to my door. most of these books have been on the bookstore shelves for some time but not on my own shelves. i've needed a little fresh inspiration and these are scratching that itch. this september (in one month!) i will be able to focus on my interior design business thanks to all-day kindergarden.

i am really enjoying lisa soloman's 'knot,thread,stitch'. great projects, clear instructions, and lots of encouragement to try stitching your own way. i can't wait to transfer some of my kids' drawings onto pillows for them. and to get them started on a little hand stitching of their own.

lest you think i've been only reading books with pictures, here's a list of what i've read this summer on my kobo ereader and from the library. and no, i have not succumbed to reading any of the 'fifty shades of grey' books - yet.

summer reading list 2012 (in no particular order):

the birth house - ami mckay
cutting for stone - abraham verghese
the descendents - kaui hart hemmings
freedom - jonathan franzen
irma voth - miriam toews
let's pretend this never happened - jenny lawson
the sense of an ending - julian barnes
the sentimentalists - johann skibsrud
the shoemaker's wife - adriana trigiani
the sisters brothers - patrick dewitt
this is how: overcoming shyness,... - ausgusten burroughs
committed - elizabeth gilbert
the 100-mile diet - alisa smith and j.b. mackinnon
life a user's manual - georges perec

if i keep going at this pace i may need a new prescription for my glasses...

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