Thursday, April 19, 2012

domino magazine


i have almost every issue of domino (2005-2009) carefully stored in my craft closet -  right alongside every one of martha stewart's blueprint magazines (2006-2008). while i've managed to edit the massive dwell 'mountain' down to one thick binder, every time we move or reorganize i struggle with the decision to donate or keep the full issue magazines. surely i am not the only person hoarding back issues of domino.

it was with great anticipation that i awaited the arrival of this issue, trolling the magazine aisles in the grocery store this week to get my hot little hands on my very own copy. I'd hoped for an entirely new issue as inspiring as the original but it's a bit of a rehash. i feel a little let down. maybe i'm just a little jaded - there's an awful lot to 'see' out there on the internet and a massive increase in lifestyle/interior design/shelter blog content. surely the online access to instant inspiration has had something to do with the decline in print publications. living in a small house, being mostly self-employed on a tight 'fun money' allowance, as well as trying to tread a little more lightly on the earth has meant that i have been much more selective in what i buy. and sometimes it's just that i want to come up with my very own ideas without any outside influence and that can't occur when there's no break from outside influences.

that being said, i am looking forward to sitting down with a cup of tea and getting to know this new/old friend.

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