Saturday, April 9, 2011

saturday sewing: collaboration

when the weather is a little gloomy i like to do a little saturday sewing. we are going to a birthday party at a pony stable tomorrow and needed a gift for our little cousin. my best girl entirely designed this: drew pictures, chose the fabrics and selected the button. it was so fun to see her working so hard to get it just the way she envisioned. i was happy to supply sewing labour. she's a bit of a taskmaster but to her credit, she let me have lots of coffee breaks. she put a little toy horse in the purse as a little surprise. sweet. but the best part, my best girl asked me to teach her how to sew. my heart is pinching with happiness.

and.... finally, after great deliberation (and much procrastination) i activated my etsy shop. in the near future i will be selling the things i make but for the time being i am selling some vintage Japanese fabric packs. my mom brought these gorgeous linens and cottons home to Canada with her with the intention of me making some quilts. i have a ton of fabric and have saved my favourites but i would like to see these fabrics go to someone who will make something fantastic. a quilt, some zakka goods, a patchwork pillow cover, a bag.... so many possibilities.
ok, now time for another saturday tradition, the saturday siesta!

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